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When working on projects with and specifically we encounter different strategies for writing database queries, such as:

  • (query creation from method names).
  • (in entities).
  • annotation (written or queries).

The real question is: Are these practical methods provided by the framework enough to build a dynamic structure for searching and filtering over entities and to avoid boilerplate code?.

In this article, we’ll review a strategy to transform API consumer searches into applying Spring Predicate and Specification through the…

In this article I am going to explain how to download large files by streaming data directly from a single database using a main and a secondary connection pool.

Before that, I would like to explain some base concepts and to contextualize our implementation.


Connection Pooling Frameworks - HikariCP

In production environments where we expect thousands of concurrent requests from clients, opening and closing database connections for every single request can cause the database to perform poorly.

We can resolve this problem by pooling connections from clients. Instead of creating a new connection with every request, connection poolers reuse existing limited connections. …

Martin Sampietro

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